Education Enhances the Power Of Knowing. And Understanding By Which Man Can Obtain Knowledge.


Muhammad (PBUH) is the best example of Patience. He was a Man who the burden of the whole Mankindís Future oh his Shoulders. (AND We think that we have it Tough)


Life is not as bad as it seems when you're down, and it is not as good as it seems when you're up; because life is not your destination. It's your journey. Afterlife is your destination.


There are NO Problems in Life. There are Always Challenges in Life.


Respect is the Greatest Treasure.


Our Main Business is Not to See What Lies Dimly at a Distance, But To Do What Lies Clearly At Hand.


Circumstances Do Not Make A Man; It Reveals Him To Himself.


Whoever Believes In Allah and The Last Day, Let Him Maintain The Bonds Of Kinship. (Hadith - Bukhari)


Whatever The Human Mind Can Conceive and Believe; It Can Achieve.


Intensions are the Pillar of Deeds, And Deeds require Intensions in Order To Become Good.